Newborn Care

Care for children from birth to age 18, including routine well and sick child care, and care for children with disabilities. As pediatricians, we are uniquely qualified to care for infants who have been born prematurely and who may have multiple medical needs.


Adolescent Pediatric Primary Care

Care for common adolescent issues (through age 18) including: acne, sports physicals, sports related injuries, menstrual problems, pelvic exams, and emotional problems. If your adolescent is now in college, we will continue to provide their medical care until they are 22 years old. Students may call us directly from college if they need medication refills or have questions about their health while they are away from home.


Treatment of ADD, ADHD and other behavioral issues

Care for children and adolescents with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder. We partner with child psychologists who are well trusted by us to do both testing (academic and I.Q) and counseling.

Asthsma Girl

Asthma Management & Spirometry

Care for children and adolescents with asthma and related respiratory diseases. Spirometry testing and allergy testing are done at the office, and Asthma Action Plans and coordination of care with your child’s school or daycare are done at each visit.


Management of Special Needs Children

In the United States, special needs is a term used in clinical diagnostic and functional development to describe individuals who require assistance for disabilities that may be medical, mental, or psychological.


Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy (OMT)

Osteopathic manipulative treatment, or OMT, is hands-on care. It involves using the hands to diagnose, treat, and prevent illness or injury. Using OMT, your osteopathic physician will move your muscles and joints using techniques including stretching, gentle pressure and resistance.