Our Team

The Staff at Hope Pediatrics

   The Staff at Hope Pediatrics

HOPE PEDIATRICS provides comprehensive pediatric care for infants, children, and adolescents in an intimate, family-focused practice setting where our families can see their doctor and the staff knows them well.  Our staff is dedicated to the whole person, physical, emotional & spiritual.  Take a minute and get to know who we are…




Jennifer M. Bishop, DO

Linda G. Caballero-Goehringer, MD

Glenn G. Hamm, MD

Carl E. Meyer, DO

Carl E. Meyer, DO




Ellen C. Smith, MD

Melanie Best, CRNP


Julia Bordell, DO



Mission Statement
To provide Christ-centered, comprehensive, compassionate medical care to children, here and around the world.

Medical, spiritual and psychiatric care will be provided to children in a Christ-centered environment by dedicated Christian providers and counselors. The practice will include training and support for families through prayer, Godly council and education.

The abundance of this practice will enable physicians, staff and others to participate in mission opportunities.